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Bleach, Vol 61: The Last 9 Days (Bleach, #61)Bleach, Vol 61: The Last 9 Days by Tite Kubo

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm very torn by this one. I liked some of it but the predictability of the rest just frustrates me to no end.

I was interested in Ichigo getting to know his new zanpak-tu though I'm not sure I entirely bought the explanation. Still it was interesting and I liked it. It will be good to see how this shakes out since it's so very different than what it had been.

And I was actually pitying Uryu and the position he's been put into. I hate to say it, as much as I DIDN'T want to see the Quincies as the final villains, they are proving to be rather loathsome and Uryu is about the only one I see worth anything.

But it also means we're moving into the battle again. On one hand, it was inevitable. On the other, snooze. Nothing new here. Literally nothing new. We fight. We taunt. We explain our special cool new powers to the enemy because that's the intelligent thing to do. We think we won. Oops, we didn't win. Let nothing upset this formula. And nothing does. Sigh.

There are a few brief scenes with many characters including Renji/Rukia training, Shunsui preparing Ichigo's friends for the worst and Byakuya recovering but other than that it's mostly battle. Once again we get some back story on a character whose been secondary all this time, Marechiyo (so I expect him to die soon since that's the formula) and yep, we battle away. At least the other main fighters were Toshiro, who I've always liked (which probably doesn't bode well for him), Rangiku and Soi Fon both of whom I also like (in spite of Rangiku's battle boobs of doom)

so parts I liked, parts bored me and I expect more of battles I don't really care about to come but the end is near and I'm hardly going to stop now.

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