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Book #43: Octopussy and 007 in New York by Ian Fleming

Number of pages: 57

This was my first Bond novel ever, after finding it on my bookshelf and not knowing where I got it from.

The main story, Octopussy was different from how I expected, and maybe there are other Bond novels like this, but I noticed that James Bond himself barely appeared. Instead, the book introduces Major Dexter Smythe, who as we learn is a bad guy (a gold smuggler, as it turns out) who was foiled by 007 himself.

The story of how this happened is then told in flashback, and I found it thrilling once I got into the story, although it felt slow-moving and overly descriptive before the extended flashback started. I am keen to read other Bond novels though, and I guess it's never too late to start.

This copy, which seems to have been a promotional version to help with the sales of Sebastian Faulks' "Devil May Care" (continuing the Bond series), also included a short story, "007 in New York"

Apparently, this was originally entitled "Reflections in a Carey Cadillac", but Ian Fleming changed the title after complaints from New Yorkers, mostly at the story's content. This also made for interesting reading, and revolved mainly around Bond and his own thoughts; curiously, the one footnote was a recipe for Scramled Eggs "James Bond".

Next book: The X-Files Season 10, Volume 2 (Joe Harris, Elena Casagrande, Michael Walsh, Greg Scott, menton3 with Tony Moy)
Tags: british, contemporary, crime fiction, period fiction (20th century), thriller

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