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#68 Ken Follett "A Dangerous Fortune" (audible)
One very hot sunny day, several boys in a boarding school defy the rector's prohibition and go for a swim. What happens on that day will have haunt them for years and will only be resolved much later. A completely engrossing book with wonderful characters - the types you can love or hate, but cannot remain cold. I've really enjoyed it.

#69 Priscilla Royal: Sorrow Without End: A Medieval Mystery #3
Another good mystery with prioress Eleanor and father Thomas. The doubts both of them are suffering make the plot nicely three-dimensional.

#70 Rosalind James: Just This Once (Escape to New Zealand)
I normally don't read chick-lit. Picked that one up, because it was about New Zealand. I guess, it is not a bad example of its genre, but it is the genre itself which does nothing but annoy me. The heroine is used to taking care of herself and not trusting anybody else to do it. The guy she meets is on the contrary inclined to take care of everything. She continuously snubs him, and he always patiently comes back, because he is understanding. I guess, an infinitely understanding rich and famous All Blacks captain is every girl's dream, but I just could not manage to suspend my disbelief.

#71 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: "Purple Hibiscus"
I don't think I would ever buy this book. Picked it up at an exchange. Immensely powerful and deeply disturbing. The story told by a Nigerian girl, whose father is a very religious person, and manages to combine helping others (orphanages, schools, hospitals, people from his home village) with unbelievable cruelty to his own family. The extent of the cruelty does not become apparent immediately and what is even more horrible is the Stockholm syndrome, which the family members seem to have developed. For example, the wife keeps praising her husband for not exchanging her for a younger, more fertile woman, omitting to mention, the many babies she had lost because of the beating he has given her.
Tags: africa, chicklit, family saga, historical mysteries

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