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Book #48: City of Thieves by Cyrus Moore

Number of pages: 439

I was keen for a while to read a thriller set in the world of business, so took an interest in this title.

The book revolves around Niccolo Lamparelli, who joins a banking firm within London's Square Mile. As you might imagine, the book revolves heavily around characters being corrupt, and the bank's chief executive is shown to be a very shady and unpleasant character.

The book starts off with Niccolo impressing his bosses, but you can tell that behind the scenes some very dodgy characters are monitoring him, and after his climb up the firm's hierarchy, things start going wrong.

The pivotal moment comes around half way through the story, with a murder taking place, and this heavily influences the rest of the plot.

Overall, I thought this was a bit predictable but overall very well told, although a lot of the first half of the book seemed to be sleazy male characters making perverted comments about female colleagues and obsessing with casual sex.

Also, while I was a little annoyed the characters seemed to take far too long to prove the killer in a murder, where it was obvious to the reader who was guilty, there were much more good bits than bad bits. Niccolo is a character that you will mostly side with (although he proves to be slightly frustrating at times), and I loved the fact that he and his best friend Jack were given a backstory set around them meeting a Japanese sensei when they were children. The significance is explained later on, too.

There were some chillingly realistic moments too, particularly a scene where hundreds of bank employees get suddenly told their are redundant and escorted out of their workplace. Apparently that isn't too far from the truth at all.

The other good thing about the book was that the end, which was a little different to what I'd expected, did not disappoint.

Next book: Inferno by Dan Brown
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