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Gentlemen's Alliance Cross volume 7 by Arina Tanemura

Book 4: Gentlemen's Alliance Cross volume 7 by Arina Tanemura

This is a volume midway in a shojo manga series. I am planning to get rid of the series, but I wanted to reread it once to see if I missed something worth keeping. Really, I haven't so far. It's mediocre, without anything enlightening to offer to make up for its plot flaws. I'm OCD, though, so I will probably finish rereading the series before I let it go. The basic idea is this girl from a high society family has self-esteem issues because her dad "sold" her to another family, but she still manages to go to the stereotypical elite high school and fall in love with the "Emperor" (basically the class president but with more power since they are supposed to be the rich elite). Since mangas are progressive in plot, I can't say too much about a given volume without spoilers. Overall, the series deals with revealing all the characters' back stories and skeletons in their closets. In volume 7, the main character, Haine, realizes she is in love with two people and works on recovering her friendship with her girlfriend Ushio.
Tags: japanese, manga, unimpressed, young adult

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