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Books #27-28

27. Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb (a.k.a. Nora Roberts), 389 pages, Mystery, 2012 (In Death, Book 34).

The Icove Case seems to never be over for Lt. Eve Dallas, even though the case was closed. The book written on the clones and their creator has spawned a movie, being shot in New York. Of course, things don’t go well – the actress playing Officer Peabody is a miserable human being who is found murdered during a rare dinner with both the Hollywood contingent and the New Yorkers who inspired the movie. Dallas has to sort out all the movie glam and glitter from the facts, only to find a killer that has escaped notice for over 40 years.

28. Delusion in Death by J.D. Robb (a.k.a. Nora Roberts), 388 pages, Mystery, 2012 (In Death, Book 35).

The crime scene is so horrific even seasoned Lieutenant Eve Dallas is shocked – a neighborhood bar is covered in blood and gore from when its patrons started to attack each other until most were dead. The tox screen shows a nasty mix of hallucinogenics and other drugs in their system, likely something they breathed in. Dallas has to move fast to investigate it – something like this tends to be an act of terrorism, which often is repeated for impact and also creates a path for the federal government to take over her investigation. But it isn’t until Roarke’s majordomo, Summerset, mentions two similar attacks during the Urban Wars that Eve really gets the pieces of the puzzle put together. Always a joy to read, for the criminal case, and for the science fiction world built, but also for the people; this book had some lovely moments in the Roarke home that we don’t see often.
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