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October 2014 reading

October 2014 reading:

35. Walking Dead, by C.E. Murphy (376 pages)
I kind of love how Joanne sees gaining more skills as a shaman as "leveling up." I figured out a few things before Joanne did, particularly the identity of the girl. There are all sorts of teasers in this one about what's to come, including a lurking evil.

36. Rabbit Tricks, by C.E. Murphy
This is a short story connected to the Walker Papers series, wherein Joanne finally is able to give young Ashley Hampton a tour of the department... except that they wind up down a rabbit hole, literally, with the father of all tricksters. Online, so no page numbers.

37. Midwestern Gothic: Volume 15 (192 pages)
Great issue of a great publication.

38. Demon Hunts, by C.E. Murphy (368 pages)
Walker's journey as a shaman continues with mysterious, impossible deaths which leave no forensic evidence and fairly reek of the supernatural, leading her on another adventure. She learns why the city has been facing these threats, and more about her role. Totally missed the Supernatural references until another reviewer mentioned it. Nice one, Murphy!

39. A Wind in the Door, by Madeleine L'Engle (224 pages)
Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin are foisted back into a larger universe, learning that size and place don't matter as much as substance and feeling. Definitely a great read. Took me only a few hours.

40. Spirit Dances, by C.E. Murphy (368 pages)
Joanne gets herself (and her loved ones) into the biggest messes. And, well, sometimes causes the biggest messes. This was absolutely a perfect Halloween read.

October pages: 1,528

Pages to date: 13,093

Progress: 40/52

October 2014 comics/manga reading:

376. Chi's Sweet Home: Volume 11, by Konami Kanata (160 pages)
377. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Volume 5, by Hayao Miyazaki (160 pages)
378. Kekkaishi: Volume 30, by Yellow Tanabe (200 pages)
379. Kekkaishi: Volume 31, by Yellow Tanabe (200 pages)
380. The Wallflower: Volume 29, by Tomoko Hayakawa (160 pages)
381. Claymore: Volume 7, by Norihiro Yagi (200 pages)
382. Claymore: Volume 8, by Norihiro Yagi (200 pages)

October pages: 1,280

Pages to date: 75,392

Progress: 382/365
Tags: anthology, fantasy, manga, sci-fi, short stories, urban fantasy, werewolves, young adult

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