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Book 99

The Hero of Ages (Mistborn, #3)The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I probably would have rated it higher if I wasn't sure this didn't need to be over 700 pages long. It was good, very damn good but it could have been trimmed up. It's the last book in the Mistborn trilogy. I went into it sort of knowing what would happen because I actually found this book via Alloy of the Law which is set centuries later (and now I need to reread because I didn't pay that much attention to the background characters having not read this trilogy first).

It picks up a couple years after Vin and Elend accidentally set Ruin free. Ruin, which they thought was a force for good, had been changing the written word to get them to release it and it is more or less a God, one that predates the now-deceased Lord Ruler. Naturally not everyone followed Emperor and Empress Elend and Vin Venture after they did away with the Lord Ruler. But they have even bigger concerns, the ashmounts are filling the sky. People are literally drowning in ash. Crops are dead. Earthquakes are getting more frequent and more violent. The mists are killing people and Elend and Vin are trying to find the Lord Ruler's cache of antium and are realizing he has prepared for this day, the end of the world just in case he couldn't stop it.

Ruin doesn't want it stopped. As Elend and Vin fight to get to these caches and save their people, Sazed is undergoing an existential crisis since Tindwyl died last book. And it does get dragging and a little like author insert (especially when he's going on about why do religions that preach peace and love go about killing anyone who isn't of their religion. Then again I think that so many times a day...) Breeze can't get Sazed moving and oddly Ham might not even have been in this.

Spook, however, is the character that has the most development in many ways. He's given up his characteristic slang and is now coming into his own. In fact he's out to stop The Citizen, a city-state leader who is killing off anyone of noble birth (or even if they work for them) ala the French Revolution. He believes Kelsier is helping him.

And for his part, the Kandra, TenSoon, is leading a revolution he didn't want to be part of.

There is so much here to cover and some things are very clever, like how Ruin is controlling everyone, even people you might not suspect. The ending was well done and you can see the threads of it through all three books which says a lot about Sanderson's writing

Now for one big spoiler.

giving you time to stop if you don't want to see it

okay I did expect Vin's goddess-hood but the final hero DID surprise me. But here's the thing for me. I've learned I do not like it when mortals get elevated to Godhood. It's not that it didn't work. It does but it left me unsatisfied. It almost feels like a cheat.

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