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Books 41 - 50.

41. Downey (compiler) - The Little Flower Prayerbook: A Carmelite Manual Of Prayer
This was a thick one, but very useful, and certainly one for her admirers :)

42. Harrison - Today Is The Day You Change Your Life
Rather slim, but did have useful advice; one might borrow this one first.

43. Baumeister & Tierney - Willpower: Rediscovering The Greatest Human Strength
Some new things to me, some things are obvious once you realise them here. Well worth reading and owning IMO.

44. St. Adomnán Of Iona - Life Of St. Columba
More useful as a book of history than for the religious things (though the religious nature was still nicely there). Adomnán was a distant relative of Columba and certainly knew Iona, but all the history things aren't confirmed facts. Still a good read.

45. Kreeft (ed.) - A Summa Of 'The Summa'
For someone who doesn't want to read the whole things (this book is also pretty thick *lol*). Liked it :)

46. Tassone - The Rosary For The Holy Souls In Purgatory
Not the best of her Purgatory books, but only because it didn't give much new stuff. Size-wise could be useful and certainly good to read.

47. Sheen - The World's First Love: Mary, Mother Of God
Sheen is a bit of hit and miss when it comes to his books; this one was a miss. The Cold War aspect dates it badly, and some other things clashed with me too. The good point were too few for me to keep this.

48. Pynchon - Bleeding Edge
Surprisingly engaging book, though you do get the usual Pynchon style of digression, which doesn't make reading harder, unlike "Gravity's Rainbow" XD Loved it.

49. Higashida - The Reason I Jump: One Boy's Voice From The Silence Of Autism (165 pages)
Beautiful book and very informative, and as someone with Asperger's, I could relate to at least some of it. Not too heavy.

50. the Ampilified Bible (1700 pages)
This one is a keeper, once you get used to how it's arranged. Felt sad to finish it, will certainly read this version again. Recommended. :)

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