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Interpersonal Tiger's Pleasures; Mouse Bullets; Chance Women in the Sun

The Interpersonal Neurobiology of Play, by Theresa A. Kestly
Really interesting book for a layperson to read, aimed at practicing therapists. I particularly liked the lit review parts, though the more practical part did an excellent job of tying the theories to actual real people and how they might be helped.
(280, O54)

Tiger's Curse, by Colleen Houck
This book is SO POORLY WRITTEN OMG. Mostly because overwritten. 15 words where 3 would do. And those of you who know my preference for Dickens over Hemingway can imagine exactly how overwritten that might be. Plus the whole "magical white Mary Sue needed to solve ancient exotic Indian problems" thing? Grrr. (Even though the Indian-specific parts were well researched and thoughtful, which does make the grr a tiny bit less grr-some. Still, if you looked up appropriation in the dictionary.... ) That said, there was just *something* about the characters (plus my friend's heartfelt-but-caveated-with-the-writing-doesn't-get-much-better-till-book-3 recommendation) and the story that kept me reading. And will keep me reading for the rest of the series. (I already have the second one in my library pile downstairs.)

The Pleasures of Reading: A Booklover's Alphabet, by Catherine Sheldrake Ross
This was a neat book, not really what it might sound like from the title. It's specifically the insights into reading of a life long academic and readers' advisor. Why people read, what they like about reading, what lies at the heart of different genres, etc. An organized miscellany. I dug it.

Kittens in the Sun, by Hans Silvester
So many cute kitties. *melts*
(283, O55)

Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard, vol. 1, by David Petersen et al (reread)
The art for this was absolutely lovely, the stories were a bit uneven. Enjoyed it more on rereading, but I know a ten-year-old who will like it more than I do.
(285, O56)

Women, by Annie Leibovitz with Susan Sontag
So many fascinating women. *swoons*
(286, O57)

100 Bullets, vol. 1: First Shot, Last Call, and vol. 2: Split Second Chance by Brian Azzarello et al
It took me forever to get around to starting these, and it may take me a long time to finish them, because they are violent and uncomfortable and full of nastiness. But they are also (so far) very very very well-done. Kinda like the Sopranos in tone, though the story is very different.
(287, O58; 304, O69)

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