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Book 126

Still WatersStill Waters by Tami Hoag

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Honestly this was more of a 1.5 stars. I gave it a second star simply because I usually like Tami Hoag. This was one of her earlier works and it shows. I'm a huge mystery reader. This was more of a Harlequin romance than a mystery. Nothing wrong with that if you like romance. I don't and this isn't marketed as a romance.

I can't even remember the characters names. That's how bad it was. It's in alternating points of views, mostly Elizabeth's and the sheriff's (and that point of view is routinely broken). Elizabeth is in Minnesota after a bad divorce from her exceedingly wealthy husband who left her penniless and alone with her very angry teenaged son and her reputation ruined. She bought a small local paper (in 1992 that wasn't a bad investment) and first thing she does is find the man the whole town hated dead.

The sheriff, a former pro football player with shot knees and also through a bitter divorce. He acts like an unprofessional douchebag the moment he meets Elizabeth, basically calling her a golddigging whore and he was glad she was dumped out on her ass. In between that he's there thinking 'boy she's hot' while she's there thinking 'omg I had a dead man's head on my shoe. Oh hey this sheriff is hot.' Head desk.

Her son is a cookie cutter angry teen. The sheriff has a teenaged daughter as well. You can see where this is going.

It's four hundred pages of people sleeping with people they don't even like because the sex is good (and this includes the sheriff) or people trying not to fall in love. And a paper thin mystery to go with it. One of my friends who likes romances has told me a term they have for the sheriff, alphaholes (alpha + asshole, yep that fits). Go find a different Tami Hoag. She has done much better than this snooze.

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