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2014 wrap-up and goals for 2015

I have several books in progress but don't expect to complete them today, so I figured I'd do my year-end wrap-up now!

2014 in review
I got to my goal of 50 books and in fact read 54. As for my other goals:

- Read more "fun" books. Admittedly, this is a vague goal, but I believe I succeeded. There were very few books on my list this year that were a slog, and a ton that were fun, including many of my non-fiction reads.

-1/3 or more of my total to be non-fiction: I didn't quite manage this. If I'd stopped at 50 books, I would have been safe, but the extra books threw off my ratio. I read 17 non-fiction books, and out of 54, that's about 31 percent. Not too far off, so I'm not beating myself up about this goal!

-at least 10 books by non-white authors: I read 12 books by authors I know for sure are POC, including multiple Native authors for the "Trickster" graphic story collection.

-at least 4 books by LGBT authors: I read 8 books by authors I'm sure are GLBT.

-at least 2 books by disabled authors: I read 2 books by authors I know are disabled & they were both excellent reads.

Other items of note:

-This is the first year since I started tracking in 2006 that a book of poetry was on my list of 50+ books for the year.

-I usually try to achieve some sort of gender balance in my reading, but it was especially off this year. I usually end up around 22 by female authors 23 by males but this year it was 24 female/30 male. I'm going to add an additional challenge for 2015 to make up for this.

-Even though the "Artemis Fowl" audiobooks were quite short, I still only "read" 11 of my 54 books as audiobooks this year. I used to put a cap on the number of audiobooks I'd count in a year, but as I'm falling far short of that, I don't think it's necessary to enforce that anymore.

Goals for 2015

-Try for around 1/3 of my books to be non-fiction (30 percent at the lowest)
-At least 10 books by non-white authors
-At least 4 books by LGBT authors
-At least 2 books by disabled authors
-Minimum of 26 books by women authors
-At least 5 "classic" books that I haven't gotten to yet, taken from the "Lifetime Reading Plan."

1. Trickster: Native American Tales: A Graphic Collection Paperback [fiction/graphic short story collection]- Matt Dembicki -Ed.
2. Light Music [fiction]- Kathleen Ann Goonan
3. The Indian Clerk [fiction]- David Leavitt
4. The Diving Bell & the Butterfly [non-fiction/memoir]- Jean-Dominique Bauby
5. Clarence Darrow: American Iconoclast [non-fiction]- Andrew E. Kersten
6. Blue Champagne [fiction/short stories]- John Varley
7. A Person of Interest [fiction]- Susan Choi
8. Books and Islands in Ojibwe Country [non-fiction]- Louise Erdrich
9. Nobody Nowhere [non-fiction]- Donna Williams
10. The Three Musketeers [fiction]- Alexandre Dumas (unabridged audiobook)
11. The Narrative of John Tanner [non-fiction/biography]- as told by John Tanner, edited by Edwin James
12. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell [fiction]- Susanna Clarke
13. I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith through an Atheist's Eyes [non-fiction]- Hemant Mehta
14. Thunder and Lightning: Cracking Open the Writer's Craft [non-fiction]- Natalie Goldberg
15. No Name in the Streets [non-fiction/essay]- James Baldwin
16. The Hunger Games [fiction]- Suzanne Collins (unabridged audiobook)
17. Permanence [fiction]- Karl Schroeder
18. For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf [poetry]- Ntozake Shange
19. An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President [non-fiction]- Randall Robinson
20. The Delikon [fiction]- by H.M. Hoover
21. Catching Fire (#2 in the Hunger Games trilogy) [fiction]- Suzanne Collins (unabridged audiobook)
22. Codex Born (#2 in the Magic Ex Libris series) [fiction]- Jim Hines
23. The Hum and the Shiver [fiction]- Alex Bledsoe (unabridged audiobook)
24. Skinny Legs and All [fiction]- Tom Robbins
25. Artemis Fowl [fiction]- Eoin Colfer (unabridged audiobook)
26. The Best of All Possible Worlds [fiction]- Karen Lord
27. The Green Flash and Other Tales of Horror, Suspense, and Fantasy [fiction/short stories]- Joan Aiken
28. Use What You Have Decorating [non-fiction]- Lauri Ward
29. Erasure [fiction]- Percival Everett
30. Homer & Langley [fiction]- E.L. Doctorow (unabridged audiobook)
31. The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam [non-fiction]- Karen Armstrong
32. The Beekeeper's Apprentice [fiction]- Laurie R. King
33. Wisp of a Thing [fiction]- Alex Bledsoe (unabridged audiobook)
34. The Talented Mr. Ripley [fiction]- Patricia Highsmith
35. Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World [fiction]- Vicki Myron
36. Blood Work: An Original Hollows Graphic Novel [fiction/graphic novel]- Kim Harrison (author), Pedro Maia, and Gemma Magno (illustrators)
37. The Harmony Silk Factory [fiction]- Tash Aw
38. Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet [non-fiction]- John Bradshaw
39. Pale Demon (#9 in "The Hollows" series) [fiction]- Kim Harrison (unabridged audiobook)
40. The Catcher in the Rye [fiction]- J.D. Salinger
41. Bel Canto [fiction]- Ann Patchett
42. A Death in Belmont [non-fiction]- Sebastian Junger
43. Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident [fiction]- Eoin Colfer (unabridged audiobook)
44. Little Heathens: Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Great Depression [non-fiction]- Mildred Armstrong Kalish
45. Me Me Me Me Me: Not a Novel [non-fiction/memoir]- M.E. Kerr
46. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [fiction/short stories]- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
47. The Women [fiction]- T.C. Boyle
48. Two Boys, At Swim [fiction]- Jamie O'Neill
49. The Lost Hero [fiction]- Rick Riordan (unabridged audiobook)
50. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children [fiction]- Ransom Riggs
51. Cereus Blooms at Night [fiction]- Shani Mootoo
52. Ceremony [fiction]- Leslie Marmon Silko
53. Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code [fiction]- Eoin Colfer (unabridged audiobook)
54. A Liar's Autobiography, Volume VI [non-fiction/memoir]- Graham Chapman & co-authors

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