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Elephant Dora (last two books of 2014!)

Elephant House, or, The Home of Edward Gorey, by Kevin McDermott
This collection of photographs taken the week after Gorey died (cats still in situ) evoked a lot of warm memories for me, mostly of my Poppy's house and of an artist's house I helped to empty after she moved in with her daughter. Beyond my own nostalgia, they are really lovely photos of a wondrous, eccentric home.
(314, O76)

The Art of Dora Carrington, by Jane Hill
I've wanted to read this book ever since I first saw the movie Carrington, almost twenty years ago. The focus is as much on the narrative, about Carrington's life and choices and loves and how they affected her art, as it is on the artworks themselves, which are mostly black and white (with several color sections) but very clearly reproduced. A fascinating, lively balance of words and pictures.
(315, O77)

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