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Antarctic Quest

Under Antarctic Ice, by Norbert Wu with Jim Mastro
I had been expecting this book to be more of an "ooh, look at the gorgeous textures / light" book and instead it was (mostly) a "wow, look at the very nifty critters!" book. Which isn't a bad thing. The accompanying text was readable though dense - I don't blame the authors for the density, because Antarctica is just so fascinating that it must've been really hard to decide what to leave out.
(2, O1)

The Celtic Quest in Art and Literature, edited by Jane Lahr
This is a very coffee-table-y coffee table book, made of toothsome snippets and appealing images. Of the snippets, the one I liked best was George MacDonald's "The Day Boy and the Night Girl" which I don't think I had ever read before; and of the images, I am delighted with the work of John McKirdy Duncan. I don't recognize his name, but I think I'd seen his paintings before in children's books (and possibly in museums) - was magic to see them again. Overall, this book is exceptionally lovely, not especially substantial.
(3, O2)

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