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First College Page; Little Immortal City

First Test and Page, by Tamora Pierce
Keladry is the first girl in her kingdom to be allowed to attend page school (the first step toward becoming a knight), which makes these both a school story and also a medievalesque fantasy story. Highly satisfying to my inner 9 year old, and I will finish the series (and read more by Pierce) in due course.
(12, O6; 13, O7)

College Libraries and Student Culture, edited by Linda M. Duke and Andrew D. Asher
The writing style was very dry but the information was quite interesting.

The Just City, by Jo Walton
This is a wonderful book, so much so that I had to keep reading it even though some things come up, having to do with sexual consent, which are *really* not what I need to be thinking about just at present - they were very well-handled and relevant to both the plot and (especially) the underlying questions of the book. I'm already looking forward to rereading it once my current problem is not so much the case. And it was quite splendid - I'm not even sorry I read it at this inopportune time, because I loved it so much, just sorry that my experience of it was fettered on this first read. It's earnest and witty and warmly intelligent and running in many parallel tracks, all of which were compelling. Plus it's a rare and good thing when someone imagines a god's perspective and I think "Oh, yes, that's how I would expect him to behave" AND "Oh! That's rather surprising, but I suppose he *would* think that, wouldn't he?"
(15, O8)

The Little Bookroom, by Eleanor Farjeon
Somehow I had mixed up Farjeon with Meindert de Jong and so I was expecting a very different (and less pleasing-to-maribous) book than I got. This is a collection of modern (well, mid-20th-century) fairy tales that are sincere, but also self-aware and self-amused. Somewhere between E. Nesbit and Diana Maria Mulock Craik. Lovely.
(16, O9)

The Immortal Dragon of Sylene, by Rafael Tilton (reread)
So I read this more than two years ago and I really wasn't all that impressed even though the writing was quite good. After which I stuck it in my kids' book collection and told myself to try it again later. Have now tried it again, still not very impressed. Perhaps if I were more traditionally Christian, I would like it better.
(17, O10)

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