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book 11

黒執事 [Kuroshitsuji] XVIII (Black Butler, #18)黒執事 [Kuroshitsuji] XVIII by Yana Toboso

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The art in this is so very pretty. It's amazing how appealing she can make Sebastian, though the pretty falls apart in the fight scenes a bit. They can be confusing.

We have the final bit of the School arc. I can say I'm really tired of the zombie thing even though she is going to some pains to make it different than the run of the mill zombies. I do appreciate that. I know this isn't the last we've seen of it and Queen Victoria's reaction to the report was pretty predictable even if Ciel is too young to have foreseen it.

I am glad to see the school arc end because I honestly think it got away from her. I'm sure with the pressure to produce monthly it's easy to write yourself into a corner of end up stretching things out. This was mostly boring but at least the end was better.

There is a fun filler where we learn Soma is actually smarter than he seems and wherein I am proved right in my suspicions that Agni wasn't allowing Soma to go alone into the school.

It ends with the new arc that promises curses, witches and werewolves. A series of mysteries deaths are happening in Germany near where Prince Albert's family is so the Queen wants answers. Sebastian is quite amused that Ciel doesn't buy into them when he himself employs a demon and knows Grim Reapers (as am I amused).

Hopefully the manga is back on track now.

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