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Rabbit's Man; Tiger's Life

Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas, by Alison Uttley, illustrated by Margaret Tempest (reread)
One of my absolute favorites, which I reread because I picked it up while I was tidying and cataloguing the children's book section of my home library, and then couldn't put it down until I'd read it again.
(26, O14)

Man Alive, by Thomas Page McBee
This was very very difficult for me to read, but it was worth it. Clean and fierce and honest, frequently ambivalent, transformative.

Life, Reinvented, by Erin Carpenter
A book by a therapist, written to help people who've experienced sexual trauma. Straightforward, basic. A good starting point, not too overwhelming despite having survivors' stories in it.
(28, O15)

Tiger's Quest, by Colleen Houck
Oh, dear. The writing improved compared to book 1. The weird, nearly squicky cultural stuff and the weird, nearly squicky approach to romance got worse. The infodumping was equally omnipresent. And yet, I still found it quite compelling and will be reading the 3rd one as soon as I get through the library hold queue. Maybe this is how (some) people feel about The DaVinci Code.

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