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Book 15

Until Death Do Us Part, Vol. 1 (Until Death Do Us Part, #1)Until Death Do Us Part, Vol. 1 by Hiroshi Takashige

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amazon suggested this one to me and for once their algorithm actually found one that sounded interesting. Haruka is a young girl who can more or less predict the future (they do give a quantum physics explanation to it rather than leave it as 'psychic.) She's been kidnapped by a group of thugs along with her family in order to use her. As they are transporting her somewhere, Haruka sees a young man walking on the street and combat rolls out of the car. She begs him to help her until the titular 'death do us part.'

Mamoru thinks she's crazy but he does help beat the snot out her pursuers. The catch is Mamoru is blind. However, as we quickly learn, he and his partner, Igawa, are vigilantes working with a group that takes care of crimes the police are powerless to stop (think yakuza and other terrorists). Most of the group has lost someone to crime. It's a pretty well used trope but it does work. This group uses cutting edge tech. Mamoru can 'see' via his sunglasses and his rather thick white cane. Think Georgi LaForge from Star Trek (though Daredevil also comes to mind). His cane also conceals a katana that's coated with tech that lets him cut at a molecular level. While he's not a killer (Yet, Mamoru does have a tendency to violence that becomes important at the end of the omnibus), Mamoru is willing to slice tendons and maim.

He and Igawa take Haruka in and the larger group, lead by Alfa, join them. They are named using the military phonetic alphabet, Alpha, Bravo Foxtrot etc etc. It's very annoying that Alpha is misspelled. Think the A-Team with the darkness of Batman. Something bigger is going on here other than just using Haruka's predictive ability. There is a group of international terrorists at play. There is a detective Genda who seems to recognize Mamoru sort of. He's hot on the trail of the terrorists who are threatening people inventing useful tech and blowing things up, etc. Typical terrorist stuff.

Overall, it's more violent than I usually like but I did enjoy this very much. You have to employ your usual 'action film' suspension of disbelief because there is some action that strains that. At one point Mamoru says he can't dodge/cut through bullets from a full automatic where he could earlier with a revolver, because his reflexes are only human. Yeah that would apply to a single shot too guys but like I said, your usual action film nonsense. Still, it's fun to watch. We don't really know much about anyone yet in spite of this being an omnibus of around 450 pages. The storyline hangs well in the confines of 'action film.' It gets a tad creepy at the end with a pronouncement from Haruka (it's not just me. Igawa and Sierra seem just as taken aback). The art is absolutely gorgeous. Even in the fight scenes there is no trouble telling what's going on which often happens. Quibbles: why is Sierra wearing a tight dress and HEELS into combaat when earlier she's in a military-like uniform. Yes, she was pretending to be a business woman. She could do that in flats.

We don't know yet why Mamoru is blind but I assume it's because of a traumatic event. His whole orbital region is scarred. I want to know what happened. I definitely want to know what comes next.

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