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Book #8: Why Christians Should Support Israel by Mike Evans

The subject of the conflict going on in the Middle East is one that has caused various celebrity Twitter storms, so I'm going to be careful what I say on this subject.

However, I got e-mailed with a link to the e-book version of this book to see what author Mike Evans had to say about it and his justifications for what his views were.

Not surprisingly, this is all very politically charged with a lot of anger expressed at the influence of ISIS, and the oppression of the Jewish people. My assumption is that Evans is himself Jewish.

His arguments about why Christians should back Israel are mostly about how God said he would protect his people, and how God hates anti-Semitism. Mostly I thought his arguments were well set out, although there was some stuff I disagreed with, such as the implication that any church that does not have a Jewish flag is immediately a "bad" church.

It was an enjoyable enough read though, and it got me thinking.

Next book: A Vision of Fire (Gillian Anderson & Jeff Rovin)
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