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Book #1 of 50: "The Goddess Has Your Back" by Moonwater SilverClaw

Here was my review of the book, which I think says it all:

I have purchased this book and read it, so this review is based on an actual buyer's testimony.

"The Goddess Has Your Back" is my non-fiction pick of the year, and I will be recommending it to everyone I know. This is a superb guide for emotional growth and for understanding how belief --in a higher power, yes, but also, and more importantly, in yourself-- can lead you to a place of self-acceptance, of equilibrium and peace, and of prosperity. This isn't a book that promises instant gratification in romance, 'tout de suit' restored/reinvigorated relationships, obscene riches, or supreme cosmic enlightenment. It instead directs you, the audience, to turn your desires into opportunities for self-improvement, and to rally and channel your faith (through ritual) to achieve your goals.

Among pages filled with exceptional insight into how personality shapes spirituality, Moonwater takes you through her own life's emotional journey, sharing her pain with the reader as a gentle reminder that good mental and physical health is possible... with a little positive effort on your part. She also calls on you to believe in the concept of 'betterment' and to act upon that belief, rather than passively wait for fortune to land in your lap. She reminds you to be realistic and methodical -- to plan, to act, and to hope.

I enthusiastically give this book the FIVE GOLD STARS it so rightly deserves. Well done, Moonwater! More, more!

1 / 50 words. 2% done!
Tags: non-fiction, self help, spiritual reading, wicca

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