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Book 18

No. 6, Volume 4No. 6, Volume 4 by Atsuko Asano

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Now this is getting very good and the plot is coming along beautifully. Rat is finding himself in a place he doesn't want to be but can't help himself. He wants to protect and help Shion who now wants to risk everything in a theoretically impossible task, break into the correctional facility and rescue his childhood friend, Safu.

Dogkeeper has a very important line that sums up this volume. "The one with something to protect always loses." She's willing to make her point violently. This volume for all its emotional content is violent. It sharply contrasts Shion's sheltered upbringing with the violence of Rat and Dogkeeper's lives.

Rat ropes Dogkeeper and Rikiga, the disgraced journalist and friend of SHion's mother, into helping gather intel. They don't know what is happening to Safu or if she's even alive. They are stunned that the people in charge were willing to grab an elite like Safu but she's the perfect target, family-less except for a grandmother, supposed to be in another city training, etc. Who would miss her?

But finding out these secrets is much harder and bloodier work than Shion realized or is willing to do. He doesn't want Rat or Dogkeeper doing it either.

It ends on a dual cliffhanger, one that will affect all of the slum dwellers and one that threatens Rat. It's very well done and the art is beautiful. Rat and Shion's relationship grows slowly and organically. I'm really looking forward to more. I'm very glad I stumbled across this series.

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Tags: dystopia, manga, sci-fi

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