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February 2015 reading

February 2015 reading:

14. The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan (586 pages)
As the Greek and Roman demigods meet at New Rome, Gaia steps up her game to sabotage the budding alliance. Meanwhile, Annabeth has her own quest from her mother to figure out, and a brand new prophecy pops up to complicate things further. Can these heroes even survive the journey to Rome, let alone save the world?

15. The Ghost Belonged to Me, by Gregory Peck (183 pages)
Set in the early 1900s and set in an undefined smallish town in the Midwest, this book follows a boy named Alexander. After he is told by a classmate and neighbor, Blossom, there is a ghost in his barn loft, he investigates reluctantly to discover it's true; the ghost must be laid to rest, and his life is never the same. I felt like reading a YA ghost story, and this is definitely a good one.

16. Ghosts I Have Been, by Gregory Peck (224 pages)
This follows Blossom as she gets up to mischief--and then gains the Second Sight, drawn back to the death of a young boy on the Titanic, whose mother abandoned him as she rushed herself to safety. I enjoyed this one, too.

17. The House of Hades, by Rick Riordan (597 pages)
Percy and Annabeth have fallen into Tartarus, leaving the other five demigods, Nico, and Coach Hedge to make their way to Greece--not that Gaea is making it easy. Along the way they all must grow, and face the possibility that not all of them will survive this quest. I really loved this one, especially the revelation about Nico.

18. The Blood of Olympus, by Rick Riordan (528 pages)
The questing demigods must reach Olympus, and their splinter group must return the statue of Athena to Camp Half-Blood. Both tasks seem impossible, and there is a very real possibility they won't succeed at all--much less make it out of this alive. Definitely enjoyed this read, and thrilled to hear a new Asgard series is next!

February pages: 2,118

Pages to date: 6,177

Progress: 18/52

February 2015 comics/manga reading:

8. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1: Legacy, by Dan Abnett (152 pages)
9. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude, by Dan Abnett (168 pages)
10. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Volume 6, by Hayao Miyazaki (159 pages)
11. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind: Volume 7, by Hayao Miyazaki (223 pages)
12. Claymore: Volume 9, by Norihiro Yagi (200 pages)
13. Claymore: Volume 10, by Norihiro Yagi (192 pages)
14. Claymore: Volume 11, by Norihiro Yagi (200 pages)
15. Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2: Angela, by Brian Michael Bendis (168 pages)
16. Claymore: Volume 10, by Norihiro Yagi (200 pages)

February pages: 1,662

Pages to date: 3,101

Progress: 16/365
Tags: fantasy, ghosts, graphic novel, manga, myth and legend, young adult

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