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Book 7- Hidden like Anne Frank

7. Hidden Like Anne Frank, by Marcel Prins and Peter Henk Steenhuis. This book gives 14 first-hand accounts from adults who, as children or teens, were forced to go into hiding when Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands. Most were in hiding for at least two years, moved from place to place by the country's active resistance members. The book is aimed at readers 12 and older; the narratives strike a balance between conveying the horrors of what these individuals went through and the often bittersweet (at best) followup without getting too graphic. This would be a good companion novel to The Diary of Anne Frank; an interesting note is that one of the contributors saw Anne and her sister Margot at Auschwitz and recalled going to school with them. These children and teens, and their families, were often moved multiple times to try to keep ahead of the Germans and the NSB. One boy was moved more than 40 times. There are stories of bravery, of betrayal, of loss and reunited- but with a different reality. The stories include information about life afterwards, and several of the narrators talked about how the Hunger Winter and the War, the splitting up of families and the constant uncertainty and fear led to permanent fissures in the family - emotional and physical. It's a beautifully told compilation of personal accounts that should interest both younger and older readers.

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