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Book 8- Witch Wraith, by Terry Brooks

8. Witch Wraith (The Dark Legacy of Shannara), by Terry Brooks. This is the third and final book in the Dark Legacy series. I honestly wasn't sure how Brooks would pull this off- there was so much going on by the end of the second book I wasn't sure how he would wrap up everything in just one more book. But he did it, and for the most part in a way that didn't feel rushed or contrived. There are still a lot of questions left hanging at the end of the third book, but given the unsettling tone of this entire series, I think it is fitting that not everything gets tied up in a neat bow. It's tough to review this without giving away major spoilers. Let's just say the body count is pretty high, and it's rare to see missions and characters screw up so royally- and the consequences play through. The ending is at best bittersweet. No one escapes unscathed. I especially felt sorry for Aphenglow. This is one of the bleakest fantasy trilogies I've ever read. I do wonder if Brooks will address some of the questions in later Shannara books. I do hope so, especially regarding Aphenglow.

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