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Book 30

No. 6, Volume 5No. 6, Volume 5 by Atsuko Asano

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this volume. The opening nicely showcases Shion's worry for Rat, who collapsed last volume and Rat's discomfort at being so close to someone. It also gives us a sweet scene of Rat trying to teach Shion to dance.

But the sweetness ends quickly. The military has come from #6 and they round up dozens of the people in the slum, including Rat and Shion (who want to go into the correctional facility any how) DogsKeeper escapes the sweep. Many die. Rat leads Shion on a harrowing journey inside the facility (where we assume he escaped from years ago during his first meeting with Shion).

Shion struggles along the line of having to become violent. We get to see that near magical quality of Rat's singing that Dogskeeper ascribed to him.

It ends with a major cliffhanger where it's not Shion in trouble for once. Can't wait to see the next volume. Very glad I found this series.

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Tags: dystopia, manga, sci-fi

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