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Mr. Wet Daylight; Incredible Dancing Drew

Daylight, by Elizabeth Knox
Probably the strangest, knottiest vampire novel I've ever read. Full of weird not-usually-in-vampire-novels things like beatification procedures and technical cave diving jargon. I very much liked it, because I find weird inclusions make things more fun rather than less. Not as utterly brilliant as Knox's later novels, but deeply intriguing, such that I will eventually work my way through as much of her catalog as I can.

Mr. Bliss, by J. R. R. Tolkien
Odd and charming and unpredictable-in-a-predictable-way in the way that kid's books sometimes delightfully are. A minor Tolkien, kind of reminded me of Leaf by Niggle except that was quite adult and this is definitely wild and bedtime-storyish.
(95, O36)

The Big Wet Balloon, by Liniers
Sweet kid's comic book that has a lovely depiction of the relationship between two small sisters. Also there is a panel about what Saturdays are for that I would kind of like to blow up and frame because it is just that awesome.

The Trees of the Dancing Goats, by Patricia Polacco
The rhythms of the (very many) words, and the illustrations, were lively and colorful and welcoming. The story was quite predictable, but not obnoxiously so.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy, by Oliver Jeffers
OMG OMG OMG. I loved this book so much. The art is weird and interesting and the story is the best. I read it twice and then I bought two copies so that after I give one to a kid who is about to have a birthday, I still have one around in case other kids seem to need a copy. 6 year old me would have EATEN THIS BOOK. <3 <3 <3 <3.

Andrew Drew and Drew, by Barney Saltzberg
Kinda like Harold and the Purple Crayon only not as deep. I love the way the book is constructed though; the flaps work integrally to the story.

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