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Book 40

07-Ghost, Volume 0507-Ghost, Volume 05 by Yuki Amemiya

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

More like a 2.5. I had to go back and reread this. I really want to like this. It has a lot of interesting ideas but it's getting too convoluted for its own good. The huge break between volumes originally forced the reread but honestly it didn't help much. The art isn't helping much. Sometimes it's very nice, others it's difficult to tell who's who. When it's just Teito and the Bishops it's not so bad but when Ayanami and his whole crew in there, it gets confusing. I think more work needs to be done to differentiate who's who.

In this one, Teito passes a terrible test and he and Frau set off for what was once the Raggs kingdom because Teito has learned retracing his steps is helping to return his memories. I'm not even entirely sure what is going on in Ayanami's story arc other than he has the eye of Mikhail but needs the vessel to wield it (i.e. Teito) and he somehow got twin combat slaves on the muddled mission.

Frau and Teito pick up a new character of their own, a young slave boy Capella.Teito gets to his destination and wants to visit the Land of Seele but it seems he must 'die' in order to do so. We more or less leave off with that.

I'll give this another chance but it's already into double digits manga-wise and that's a big money investment. If the storyline doesn't gel soon I might have to give up collecting the manga. It is good in spots but it needs something to pull it together better.

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