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Book 48

Legal Drug, Volume 02 (Legal Drug, #2)Legal Drug, Volume 02 by CLAMP

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Upon rereading it, it is far more BL than I remembered it. Kazahaya playing the sexual innocent can get a little grating after a while but I still enjoy this. I'm still looking forward to seeing the renewed series but I'm about a decade older now than when I first read this and the will they/won't they stuff wears on me much faster these days.

This one had a cute kitty spirit that revealed a little bit about both Kazahaya and Himura's past and the women in them. I wish the manga would spend a little more time with their pasts and less on the will they/won't they stuff. There is more interesting things there. For instance at one point in book one Saiga calls Himura a rent boy. That alone is worth exploring but so far not so much.

Another story, a little longer, takes place at a street festival in a temple and reveals a bit more of the boys' powers and the toll it takes, at least on Kazahaya.

The next story feels like a lot of fan service for the BL crowd as Kazahaya has to procure a girl's school uniform (which is given up a tad easily) without knowing what Kakei wants him to do with it. Out of the four main characters in this, Kazahaya is the most innocent and the only one who seems conflicted about his sexuality. THe rest seem to be rather openly gay. Well Himura flirts with Kazahaya but is it to make him upset or is it real you can't tell yet (He could be gay for pay as a rent boy for all we know at this point because we have no idea who this mystery lady is he's looking for).

I do enjoy this barring the above mentioned UST nonsense. I do wish we'd get more of their history but I'm the impatient sort.

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