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Book 50

Legal Drug, Volume 3 (Legal Drug, #3)Legal Drug, Volume 3 by CLAMP

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

We finally got a long arc but too bad it was your typical yaoi/shonen-ei all boy school let's put the protagonist in drag trope. It's been done so many times and even the supernatural parts of this, which were downright weird, didn't quite help this one. It all amounts to two boys who couldn't manage to talk to one another and needed extreme measures to make it happen for reasons that are never clear.

Also it seems to exist mostly to have Kazahaya be clueless about everything and anything remotely sexual and especially homosexual even though that's clearly where this character is moving towards.

The two redeeming parts of this is we get a tiny bit of Kazahaya's past where he was obviously extremely isolated somewhere with his...sister(?) in what seemed to be a close, possibly incestuous, relationship. They didn't even go to school which is one of the reasons Kazahaya is so flipping naive. That has potential. And the other is the two short scenes that weren't part of the volume-long boy school arc: Rikuo bringing Kazahaya home and Kakei knowing this would happen. They have been waiting for these two boys (he and Saiga) and that this is why he even opened Green Drug store.

And unfortunately this is where the story languished for over a decade. The cancellation had nothing to do (as some reviewers speculated) with this last arc but rather problems with the publisher and here in America TokyoPop went out of business. The story is now back with the title Drug and Drop and that's why I reread these now.

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