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Book 56

YouYou by Charles Benoit

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Honestly I would rate this even lower but that might be unfair. When it comes to crafting a disaffected petulant teenaged brat, Benoit gets full marks. However, You is like running a cheese grater over your skin. Kyle, the titular You, is so damned unlikeable this was painful to read. He's every negative stereotype of the abovementioned teen brat distilled into one person.

The blurb was interesting which is why I picked it up but I loathe second person so that was the first strike. However, it is good to stretch yourself and the opening is intriguing. It sounds like an accident, a murder, something bloody has happened. The whole book is a retrospective on how Kyle got to this place which of course isn't all his fault (well truthfully it's not but most of it is).

So we spend the entire book listening to Kyle whine about how dumb adults are and how he knows how bad and unimportant school is etc etc. He's in the burn out group, the all-black wearing 'hoodies' clique. He wants Ashley but never has the guts to ask her out. He spends most of the book listening to how disappointed his parents are in him and him whining that he has to go to sucky public school while all his friends (whom he has shut out) went to the AP high school because he didn't bother to earn the grades necessary.

I found it impossible to like Kyle (To be honest I didn't like petulant teens when I was one and I have no patience with it now either). I almost set the book aside until Zack enters the picture. He's colorful. He's actually interesting. He seems like a potential ally. But he's something much darker, a manipulative sociopath. The end twist wasn't one I expected so there's that but I still didn't care. I was mostly glad it was over.

Maybe it's just me since this has rave reviews all over the place but for me, it did nothing.

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