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Book 58

Kitty Litter KillerKitty Litter Killer by Candice Speare

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I grabbed this from the library because I needed a K for my alphabet challenge and it sounded cute. It's more like a 2.5 read. It's probably a little better than my own personal enjoyment but honestly I didn't connect with the characters at all (also this is book 3 but that doesn't really matter much). I didn't notice it was a Heartsong (i.e. Christian inspirational) until half way through but I think the author forgot that too because God wasn't getting credit for everything until about that point. Don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing on religion here. I read mysteries with priests, monks, nuns, rabbis etc but for me there needs to be a balance between faith and mysteries and a lot of times the 'inspirational' ones have it too far to one side for me. That said mostly it wasn't bad in this until Abbie, the prime suspect started saying her ex's abusive behavior was a punishment from God for not helping Phillip to find God. I about threw the book at that point but luckily the main character was quick to shut that down.

Trish is a mother of three or four (I think one is her husband's by an earlier marriage) who has two very domineering women in her life, her mother and her mother in law. Apparently Max (her husband) comes from mom and she doesn't and she thinks her MiL dislikes her because of it...apparently for years since she has somewhat older kids. Her best friend, Abbie, an author, is getting married in two weeks to Eric, a detective when Phillip her ex (and another cop) returns to town, argues with her in public and gets killed.

Naturally Abbie is the prime suspect and even more naturally Trish doesn't think the state cop detective put on the case because of conflicts of interest with the local cops is capable of seeing past Abbie as a suspect. We have the normal pressures to stay out of it by the family except Mom who is running around 'helping' by alienating everyone.

As for the titular kitty litter and kitty, Trish's well to do mom wants to get Sammie, Trish's little girl a cat. Rather than being cute and fun, the cats barely play a role (but a pivotal one at the end) and does nothing more than to reinforce negative stereotypes about cats which I didn't appreciate much (They're sneaky, they're not loveable etc).

It's not a bad read. The mystery was pretty obvious and I was a bit annoyed that everyone seemed more concerned about the murdered man (who hadn't been very nice) once they realized he had converted to the Lord. I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to find more of this. It's not really my cup of tea.

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