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I recently picked up Kirsten Powers's The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech, and I'm going to have to waive my anathema on Regnery long enough to get off Book Review No. 12.  But "polemical mental floss" is about right.

Put it this way: if you've been following campus PC atrocities from the days of D'Souza's Illiberal Education; if you perceive MSNBC as Granma or TACC in English; if you think President Obama would like a fly-whisk to go with his palace-guard media, you'll agree with the stories in Silencing.  But Ms Powers wrote the book with the hopes of encouraging her Democrat colleagues, and the self-styled progressives, to get to know people who have a different world-view and explore the foundations for their beliefs.  Here, though, allowing Regnery to produce the book may have been a tactical error on her part, as it has been run through the usual edit-to-preach-to-the-converted red-meat-grinder.

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