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Books 56: The Cold Tap by Tom Beckerlegge

Book 56: The Cold Tap .
Author: Tom Beckerlegge, 2015.
Genre: Comedy Drama. Mystery.
Other Details: ebook. 229 pages.

Edgar Mallender is indisposed. Plagued by a painful condition, he spends his days soaking in the bathtub, surrounded by a library of books. But when a beautiful ballet dancer seeks his help, Edgar has to dry himself off and turn private detective. He is plunged into a dangerous world of ruthless businessmen and psychotic thugs, where only one thing can save him from being washed down the plughole: his knowledge of bathing… - synopsis from Goodreads.

There was quite a lot to enjoy in this off-beat detective mystery including the narrator's interesting asides into history and legend that compliments the central mystery.

However, I found myself unsatisfied with the final pages. Having missed the reading group meeting where it was discussed there was no opportunity to hash it over with my fellow members. Still in writing this review a week later I revisited the novel's ending and found that my feelings had improved and I felt it was a clever way to finish. I especially enjoyed the aspect of Greek mythology that appeared in the final scene.

It is a novel that deserves a wider readership and certainly a quirky take on the amateur detective mystery.
Tags: british, history, mystery, myth and legend

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