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Book 58: The Death Season by Kate Ellis

Book 58: The Death Season (Wesley Peterson #19).
Author: Kate Ellis, 2015.
Genre: Crime Fiction. Police Procedural. Archaeology.
Other Details: ebook. 385 pages.

When DI Wesley Peterson is summoned to investigate a killing, he assumes that the case is a routine matter. But soon dark secrets and deadly deceptions start to emerge from the victim's past, and Wesley begins to realise that a simple incident of cold-blooded murder is altogether more calculated and complicated that he could ever imagine.

Meanwhile, archaeologist Neil Watson is pulled from the historic Paradise Court to a ruined village from the First World War. Even with the help of the attractive and enigmatic Lucy, Neil cannot shake the feeling that something is missing from his explorations: a cryptic clue that might have been lost when Sandrock tumbled into the sea many years ago. A clue that could help Wesley solve his most puzzling case to date.
- synopsis from author's website.

What a treat it was to find that a new Wesley Peterson book had recently been published. I downloaded it onto my Kindle and settled right in for a pleasurable few days of a compelling mystery. The Death Season proved another winner in this consistently excellent series of police procedurals set in South Devon. As with all the books in the series the events of the present find echoes in those of the past.

Although in this instance I did spot whodunit before the reveal, there were still twists that I didn't see coming. I do continue to find Wesley's wife rather unsympathetic. There are women who understand the demands of a job such as his and Pam just isn't one of them and her passive-aggressive behaviour just winds me up. Still, he just is not the straying type so unless she walks out...
Tags: crime fiction, police drama

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