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Book 73

Gorgeous Carat GalaxyGorgeous Carat Galaxy by You Higuri

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a standalone long volume from a different publisher than the rest (and apparently in Japan this series also lost it's publisher and was picked up by someone else). This was vaguely better than some of the others I read but there is nothing really new here. I did like that it riffed off Castle Orsini's Gardens of Bomarzo which is filled with grotesque statuary.

In this case, the grotesque statuary belongs to another impoverished branch of Florian's family. Florian used to be close to his cousins, including the fae-like Eleanora. However, his cousin Jacques (which I might have that name wrong) is trying to save the estate for Eleanora and his fiancee, Charlotte by selling off the huge collection of art. Florian has convinced Ray to come and buy a little something and they naturally bring Laila (Lila in my translation) along.

A blizzard locks them in along with some other would be buyers and then the murders begin to happen. The Gothic inspired tale is enhanced by Eleanora's personality. She is either insane or persecuted and it takes a while to know which.

FLorian naturally ends up the damsel in distress again but at least Ray isn't running around saying how much he wants to whip and beat Florian. Possessive still. Laila still can't remember not to call Ray Noir once again doing it in front of Solomon Sugar.

It was better than the other two volumes I've read but still, it's not great.It still gets one star just for being a classic even if I don't quite see the appeal.

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Tags: glbt, historical fiction, manga

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