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Books 21 - 30.

21. Santideva - The Bodhicaryavatara (English translation)
22. Chödrön - No Time To Lose: A Timely Guide To 'The Way Of Bodhisattva'
The latter is a commentary to the first one, and it was good to read both. I still could see why Buddhism ultimately isn't for me, and the text in the end didn't have much for me; I got more out of reading the 'Dhammapada'. But for anyone interested both books are good. :)

23. The Baburnama: Memoirs Of Babur, Prince & Emperor
An interesting autobiography, and good for those interested in Mughal India and some history of Afghanistan. Has tons of names but it doesn't hinder reading. Worth reading.

24. Ware - The Jesus Prayer
For those who want to practice it, a good little guide.

25. Link - Challenge: A Daily Meditation Program Based On 'The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius'
For those who want to do it but cannot do retreats due to job/school. Enjoyable.

26. Simone - 22 Things A Woman With Asperger's Syndrome Wants Her Partner To Know
And even if one doesn't have all the traits (like meltdowns, for example), this might help your relationship, whether you're the one with Asperger's or the other half. :)

27. Sts. Francis & Clare - The Complete Works
Fits well together, since both didn't have very much work. Liked Clare's half a bit better, but both are worth reading.

28. Schmemann - Great Lent: Journey To Pascha (Finnish translation)
I read this because I was curious about Orthodox Lent fasting practices. Slightly dated (it's from 1969) yet still timely reminder of not just going through motions in our devout life, but striving to do more.

29. Guntzelman & Guntzelman - Come, Healing God: Prayers During Illness
30. Guntzelman - Turning To God In Tough Times: Prayers To Comfort The Heart & Sustain The Spirit
Both books are slim but oh so good guides for when you're ill or having a rough patch. I did feel emotional when reading this, but in a good way. Good reads to have *nods*

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