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Book 81

Seraph of the End, Vol. 1 (Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, #1)Seraph of the End, Vol. 1 by Takaya Kagami

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I decided to try some new manga and had deeply mixed feelings about this. I think I've read one too many loud angry young men (with cause) mangas. Edward Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist, but at least Ed is intelligent so he's loud but he thinks. Rin of Blue Exorcist who at least is tempered by his twin. Yuichiro Hyakuya "Yu" is just loud and unthinking. He wants to kill all the vampires as they killed not only his parents but all his 'family' in the orphanage. Understandable but he doesn't listen to reason. He just bleats on about it ignoring the people who could and would help him. It's not fun when you want to slap the protagonist.

But me let back track. The manga starts off promising. Yu has been raised underground by the vampires as mostly a food source with many other kids after a virus wiped out all humanity other than those pre-pubescent. His family is all the other orphans and he's very close to Mika, a young man who is the de facto leader. Even here all Yu thinks of is killing his vampire overlords. Mika is the thinker and finds a way for them to escape but when that goes sideways and Yu does make it outside, he learns much of it has been a lie. Humanity is still there.

The story time jumps a bit and Yu is now a teen and he is in a school as punishment by Lt Col Guren Ichinose. Yu wants into the vampire killing unit Guren runs but refuses to be a team player at all. He's at teh school to learn how to work with others and make friends. He's watched over by the sexually preoccupied, Shinoa Hiragi who keeps telling him he needs to make a friend and get himself laid while he's at it. Yu keeps singing the same song. "I wanna kill vampires."

Shinoa is amused by this knowing he's going to get nowhere with this attitude but in spite of himself Yu does help someone and makes a friend who is also useful to the military. they get learn about the cursed gear, and making demon pacts to help stop the vampires and still Yu doesn't listen to anything anyone has to say about teamwork or how things need to be done.

Overall the story isn't bad. I kinda liked it. The art is very very nice. I might give it another try to give Yu time to mellow and and start thinking but if this is his whole character it'll get old fast.

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Tags: dystopia, manga, urban fantasy

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