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Book 82

青の祓魔師 [Ao no Futsumashi] 13 (Blue Exorcist, #13)青の祓魔師 [Ao no Futsumashi] 13 by Kazue Kato

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars. I'm not sure why I couldn't go all the way to 4 stars for this one. It feels like something is missing and I'm not certain why. There is plenty of stuff in this volume, lots of emotional stuff. Maybe it's because Izumo isn't a character I've ever warmed up to. Maybe there's just too many fight scene pages. That's not to say it's bad in any way. It just it needed something.

But seriously, tons of stuff happen. We learn Izumo's tragic back story. What she and her family has suffered at the hands of the Illuminati, especially the scientist, Gedoin is pretty horrific stuff and what he plans to do to Izumo is no less disgusting. It makes Shima's betrayal even worse. Gedoin wants in part to help Lucifer merge hell and earth as one which the Illuminati believe will help free everyone and make it better. It's hard to say if they really believe this. Lucifer, much like Satan, can barely stay in this realm.

In the meantime, Izumo's friends are trying to rescue her but they are faced at every turn by Gedoin's terrifying zombie-like monsters. It gives the students problems ethically and magically. they're not truly demons. They might once have been humans (and humans make up some of the other enemies). Yukio also pointed out something else interesting. Konemaru and Bon are both Arias, who fight by chanting scriptures, which is something best done in groups with protectors but everyone is fighting alone thanks to Gedoin.

The art is still excellent and you can always tell what's happening in the fight scenes. What sucks is being caught up on this series because now you have to wait for there to be enough to bind and publish. In other words it's up to one volume a year and now I have to wait until January for more. Sigh.

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