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Book 94

Drug & Drop, Volume 2Drug & Drop, Volume 2 by CLAMP

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The things you learn reading reviews like that this is under yet another hiatus. Let's hope it's not another decade like last time. And obviously judging by some of the others who are going bonkers over this, it must tie into other CLAMP universes (which I have to say I hate when they do that. It's just not my thing).

I was bored with the opening arc with Kazahaya and this little angel-like creature, Kohaku but in the later chapters it made much more sense. Without spoiling things let's just say almost everyone's backstory is out in the open. We finally know who/what Kakei and Saiga are and why the drug store exists. Rikuo is still mostly a mystery and he has turned up gravely injured upsetting Kazahaya (who was a bit overwhelmed when Saiga finally removed his dark glasses).

But it is Kazahaya we learn most about. We learn more about his twin sister Kei as well, how they were raised, how crazy/isolated it was and the affect it had on his sister and for that matter why Kazahaya ran off in the first place.

So the story is moving into something bigger than the episodic fic that characterized the original four volumes of Legal Drug. The art has gotten odd...proportions are better than they were but Kazahaya gets more effeminate the more we see him. I'm fine with gender fluidity but I'm not exactly sure that's what's intended here. I also feel like this is heading toward an ending for the series. I suspect there maybe a showdown between Kei and Rikuo (or that might be wishful thinking on my part). Either way I still enjoy it. Sigh, now to go google that hiatus...

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