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Books 31 - 40.

31. Martin - A Game Of Thrones
First book of the series and first book in my box set. A lot like the first season of the tv series. Bit of work, but rewarding :)

32. Carrarini - Breakfast Lunch Tea: Rose Bakery
Nice pictures, tasty-looking recipes. Won't be visiting it (see reviews of the place for reasons) but definitely will try making the foods.

33. Guntzelman - God Knows You're Grieving: Things To Do To Help You Through
Although I'm not (yet) in this position I could clearly see how helpful this slim book is, and would recomment to those needing assurance and ways to cope.

34. Fisher - Amish Peace: Simple Wisdom For A Complicated World
35. Brustetter - The Simple Life: Devotional Thoughts From Amish Country, Including Recipes
Same sort of theme, both having their strengths yet found that the first one has more wisdom to learn in it. The recipes are not 'healthy' kind, nor really to my taste, but still one interesting view.

36. The New Jerusalem Bible (pocket edition)
Reading through my Bibles... not a bad one. No maps, and Diana instead of Artemis for the Ephesus temple (Artemis would be more correct IMO, after all we're in Greece not Rome). And if I had to choose I'd rather know Job's daughters names instead of the translations-only option here. But otherwise good, easy to handle.

37. Bolz-Weber - Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith Of A Sinner & Saint
For those who can't stop believing yet are bothered about the false, bad-example conservatives in the church (in writer's case Lutheran, coming in from another more conservative one). Some swearing but not particularly much, and you do see the authors flaws and strengths yet think even better of her afterwards. :)

38. Yancey - Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?
Really good, especially if you're struggling and need some answers. Inspiring and a good nudge <3

39. Sakurazaka - All You Need Is Kill (English translation)
Read this without having seen the movie; you can read - besides the read-through version - the chapters in suggested orders for different experiences (there's about 2-3 other ways of reading). Recommended.

40. Dale - Alan Warner's 'Morvern Callar': A Reader's Guide
Having read the book (and liked it), this guide does still bring up some things I had missed - and perhaps would make other readers like the book better. Talks about the movie too, which didn't do much... you're better off reading the book, IMO. A good read :)

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