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Book #39: Bag of Bones by Stephen King

Number of Pages: 660

This book opens with its narrator, writer Mike Noonan, losing his wife in tragic circumstances. I've noticed recently that Stephen King seems to LOVE writing books about authors (Misery, for example).

Following a series of nightmares, Mike returns to his summer home, Sara Laughs. Early in the book, he saves a girl called Kyra Devore from being run over, and promptly becomes embroiled in a court case where her grandfather, Max Devore, is attempting to gain custody of the girl.

While this doesn't sound like typical Stephen King, the nightmares that appear, particularly in the early chapters, provide horror elements, and the fact that a mysterious force keeps sending Mike messages via fridge magnets provides another supernatural aspect, with the implication that his wife's ghost is present.

After a few unexpected plot twists, the book becomes a story about Mike's efforts to protect Kyra, and the horror element is ramped up significantly towards the end.

I found the book hard going at times, especially as there were a number of flashbacks near the start, and the backstory of the Devore family felt a bit complex. However, I enjoyed it overall and found the book's denouement satisfying. Also, Mike's description of hallucinations he had as a boy while he had a fever is one of the creepiest moments I have ever read in one of King's novels. The characters were ones that I was able to sympathise with very quickly, and I always felt compelled to keep reading.

Next book: A Walk Among the Tombstones by Lawrence Block
Tags: contemporary, fiction, ghosts, horror, supernatural, suspense

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