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The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans

book 60: The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans

Copied from my Pick for Me Book Club entry, since I really don't want to have to think about this book twice!

The Kid Stays in the Picture is an autobiography of Robert Evans, who was a fashion mogul, actor, producer, and bigwig at Paramount. I suppose his largest film credits are for producing The Godfather and Chinatown. The book describes his life from growing up a Jew in Harlem in the 1930s to his accidental entry into acting with a role as a bull fighter in The Sun Also Rises to his realization that his talent lay in producing rather than acting, through his fights with corporate mucky mucks, actors, directors, during his infamous rise and fall and rise and multiple marriages, philandering, who's who elbow rubbing and name dropping, and generally behaving like a stereotypical Hollywood schmuck. He certainly had a lot to say about himself and excuses why he did and didn't deserve what he got.

Recommendation: yes or no?
I have my biases. I'm more of a fiction reader, and generally don't care to hear about famous people talking about themselves when I do read non-fiction, but I try to expand my horizons a bit. I really didn't like this guy, though. In fact, I thought he was a dick-weed, to put it mildly, and learning about the Hollywood machine through his eyes was mildly interesting at best. I got sooooo tired of the name dropping and references to his own sexual prowess (on almost every page), but I was determined (or OCD) and managed to finish, only a few months late. (I will be so glad to get rid of this book!) So, recommendation. I think not likely, unless you are really really into Hollywood schmuckiness. And then, you could probably still find someone at least more attractive to read about, or a straight history of Hollywood, or something less obnoxious.
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