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Book 86: The Congregation by Desiree Bombenon

Book 86: The Congregation (Jake and Amanda Bannon #2).
Author: Desiree Bombenon, 2015.
Genre: Conspiracy Fiction. Mystery. Psychic.
Other Details: ebook. 262 pages.

Amanda and Jake Bannon are affluent, stylish, and still in love after all these years. On a well-deserved vacation in Italy, they plan to enjoy the ancient golden beauty of Rome. They’ll just pick up the rosary Amanda’s mother wanted blessed from Cardinal Roland at the Vatican, and they’ll be free to indulge in those luxurious red wines and sumptuous dishes they’d been dreaming about with no further interruptions. But when Cardinal Roland asks them to deliver a relic to Father Kristofferson, a dear friend of his in Chicago, the pair finds themselves pulled into the center of a deadly plot. - synopsis from author's website.

I found myself feeling quite sorry for the Bannons as every time they go on holiday it seems they end up neck deep in trouble. Here what appears a simple request to deliver a relic to a Catholic priest in Chicago means they stumble into the middle of a plot against the Church, one that not only threatens their lives but the lives of many others if it proves successful.

As with the first book in the series, I received this from the publishers via Net Gallery in exchange for an honest review.

I was not that impressed with the pace of the first novel, The Offering but was glad that I decided to continue with this series because from the outset it was clear that the author had tightened up her writing style and the issue with pacing was addressed.

With appealing main characters and an interesting plot it proved a real page turner. Again, I was drawn by Amanda's struggles to come to terms with her gift/curse of clairvoyance and felt that Bombenon approached this with clarity and sensitivity . The author ended with a section exploring the themes of the novel with emphasis upon the religious aspects.

Certainly I plan to keep an eye out for further adventures for the Bannons.
Tags: conspiracy fiction, mystery, paranormal

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