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InuYasha Volume 2 by Rumiko Takahashi

book 63: InuYasha Volume 2 by Rumiko Takahashi

fantasy, adventure, romance manga set in Warring States Japan, featuring a half demon title character and a 15 year-old modern school girl. Volume 2 ends the conflict with the demoness Yura of the Hair. InuYasha gains a little more respect for Kagome's determination if not her "usefulness". Mu'onna, the Nothing Woman, is also introduced mimicking InuYasha's deceased human mother, as part of a plot by Sesshomaru, InuYasha's full demon half-brother, to discover the location of their demon father's grave. Once located the two brothers vie to recover a magical sword, Tetsusaiga, carved from the fang of their ancient sire, containing much of his considerable demonic power. Sesshomaru's ego is wounded as he is not able to touch the sword. InuYasha, becoming over-confident because he can, cannot draw the sword. It is Kagome, the human, who draws the sword from the stone and gives it to her on-again/off-again protector. The old dog demon loved InuYasha's human mother and had benevolence towards humans. Only one who wished to protect humans could wield the power of the sword. In a rage, Sesshomaru tries to destroy Kagome and his brother, but when InuYasha forgets himself in his desire to protect Kagome, he is able to call forth power from his father's sword, severing Sesshomaru's arm and banishing him from the grave site. I admit it. I am a fan girl who likes many bishounen (beautiful men) characters, and I think Sesshomaru may have been my first ever manga/anime crush. I look forward to reading about the evolution of his character (again!). He will be back. :D~
Tags: adventure, comedy, fantasy, japanese, manga, romance, young adult

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