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Book #47: Why Believe in God? by Michael Goulder & John Hick

Number of pages: 111

At time of writing, Michael Goulder was a former minister who lost his Christian faith, while his good friend and co-writer John Hick was still a committed Christian.

In this book, they put together two different sides of an argument, starting with Goulder's reasons for losing his faith and Hick's arguments in support of his own faith.

It was certainly a different kind of Christianity-based book than I'd previously read, presenting both sides of the argument, although I didn't quite understand Goulder's reasons for straying from his beliefs, although his complaints were very standard ones from non-believers, including reference to all the suffering in the world and everything that doesn't seem good.

Overall, this wasn't an easy book, although I was interested to see how Hick responded to the arguments put to him, and at times I did find it quite challenging.

Next book: Summer Falls and Other Stores (Amelia Williams, Melody Malone, Justin Williams)
Tags: christian, essays, non-fiction, scholarly, spiritual reading

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