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books 81 through 90: children's picture books continued

book 81:  Tiger, Tiger by Dee Lillegard

The story is inspired by Blake's poem and features a small boy imagining and unimagining the beast.  The illustrations were pretty, and I love tigers.  But, I feel like this story and its images could unreasonably frighten children at its target age group.

book 82:  Swimmy by Leo Lionni

book 83:  Sparkling Beauty:  Storybook and Mirror with Twinkling Lights by Olivia London

More Disney Princess gagging banality and lack of message except that a girl's value is in her looks.

book 84:  Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey

A classic by the author of Make Way for Ducklings, the artwork and story are cute.  I had trouble not thinking that the human mother was neglectful and that the black bear mother would most likely have killed that kid.

book 85:  Amahl and the Night Visitors by Gian Carlo Menotti

A re-read.  Based on the opera (which I have not seen or heard), concerning the wise men traveling to Jesus' birth.  Nice Christmas story, if not perfect.

book 86:  Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

I know this book is a modern classic children's story, and I can empathizes with the strong emotions elicited by the idea of being loved unconditionally forever.  But I found the idea of someone (even a parent) sneaking into my room and holding me at any age without my permission pretty darned creepy.

book 87:  Little Red Caboose by Marian Potter

Sweet, feel-good, you-can-do-it and you-have-purpose story.  Sadly, now dated considering trains usually don't use cabooses anymore.

book 88:  Cool Time Song by Carole Lexa Schaefer

book 89:  Mother Earth and Her Children by Sibylle von Olfers

Based on a German fairy tale anthropomorphizing the change of the seasons, retold and reillustrated using a quilt the author made based on the story.  Very sweet and pretty book.  The author's reason for creating the quilt is touching, too.

book 90:  Never-Ending Greeness by Neil Waldman

A re-read that I believe originally came from a banned book list, I suppose because it touches on the Nazi treatment of the Jews and the creation of the Israeli state.  It's a very hopeful and tear-jerky story, I think, about surviving and growing beyond tragedies.
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