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Books 41 - 50.

41. T. Brooks - The Secret Key To Heaven: The Vital Importance Of Private Prayer
This book concentrates on the private prayer, said at some private place inside or outside that we have chosen. Surprisingly informative and inspiring.

42. Simsek - So You Think You're A Hipster?: Cautionary Case Studies From The City Streets (118 pages)
43. Lanham - The Hipster Handbook (165 pages)
Two books on hipsters, the first concentrating on certain types, the second giving also things like their slang, movie preferences and job likes. The latter is in my opinion the better one, if one wants to choose :)

44. Watson - The Godly Man's Picture (246 pages)
Not as much worth it as I wanted to, but certain chapters at the end of it left it worth keeping. Borrow first.

45. Ilibagiza - The Rosary: The Prayer That Saved My Life (229 pages)
On how the rosary saved her life and mental health during her hiding in a safe place when the Rwanda genocide happened. Very useful also for starting practicing the rosary, more than many other books on rosary have given to me.

46. McKenna - Praying The Rosary: A Complete Guide To The World's Most Popular Form Of Prayer (261 pages)
A rosary book that started well and then seemed to give up and go where the author felt like it should go, but with which I couldn't agree, so into the library-donation pile it went. Borrow first.

47. St. Teresa Of Avila - The Letters Of... (288 pages)
The last book on her writings I hadn't read yet. Gives a good picture on what she was like, very approachable. Wide variety of letters on many subjects; worth it.

48. Baudelaire - The Flowers Of Evil (246 pages)
With French text on the left-side page which is nice for practice. Some really good poetry, some poems however made it less worth keeping, so I'm gonna copy the best ones and then library-donating it. But how you find it depends on your tastes. Borrow first.

49. Caldicott - Bombay Lunchbox (68 pages)
Not vegetarian like her other books, but plenty of colorful pictures once again, and delicious recipes. You don't need to get a tiffin luchbox to use the recipes, but it might be fun. :)

50. Pope Francis - Encountering Truth: Meeting God In The Everday (309 pages)
Morning homilies he held in front of a small audience, with simple, straightforward messages, both serious and tender. Most certainly worth buying :)

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