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Book 108

Trail of SecretsTrail of Secrets by Laura Wolfe

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a good YA, more like a 3.5 read for me but there are a couple reasons I didn't give it that fourth start (though like I said, I liked this). Though the character is sixteen, this is good for younger teens as well. It's nice to see a YA that isn't a dystopia chocked full of love triangles.

Brynleigh is a hypersensitive young woman who lives and breathes horses. She is an excellent horsewoman in competition jumping and has saved up part of the tuition and was gifted the rest by her parents to secure a three week spot at Foxwoode Riding Academy. Brynleigh wishes she could own her own horse but while her parents are fairly well off they don't bring in that sort of cash. She'll have to ride one of the Foxwoode horses.

Brynleigh's best friend, Rebecca, won't be going with her as Rebecca is a musician, heading off for music camp and Brynleigh doesn't make friends easily so she's a bit worried about going off to riding camp. And of course, she has that hypersensitive thing going which makes her feel things deeply, connect deeply with all animals and she might even have a sixth sense.

Brynleigh finds her cabin to be both good and bad. She has last year's top rider (the position she covets) in her group and unsurprisingly Alyssa is the cookie cutter rich bitch type. But also in the cabin is Anna, blue haired, nose pierced free spirit who doesn't fit in with the uptight conservative girls at Foxwoode. Anna might just be the best rider there.

Anna and Brynleigh bond and Alyssa of course can't stand them and vice versa. At a campfire ghost story telling session, they learn about Caroline, a young girl who disappeared from Foxwoode four years ago and was assumed to have died in the river after being thrown from her horse. Her ghost is supposed to haunt Foxwoode.

Convinced she has seen Caroline's ghost, Brynleigh ropes in Anna in trying to solve the mystery of Caroline's disappearance. The only problem is someone will go to great lengths to keep them from doing it.

Overall I liked this but I had a couple issues with it:

Okay one big problem I had was how many times we're told how perfect Brynleigh is with horses/riding and how uber sensitive she is. Once or twice would have been enough. It gets tiring and Brynleigh starts to become a Mary Sue in that light.

Also the last quarter of the book is very frustrating for me and it only works if Anna and Brynleigh do the stupid thing and not tell anyone someone is messing with them and if Alyssa is right and the cops are stupid so that bothered me.

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