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September 2015 reading

September 2015 reading:

42. The Power of Six, by Pitticus Lore (406 pages)
John, Sam, and Six have managed to escape the Mogs, but have been labelled terrorists and are on the run. They need to try to find Six's chest, which has been taken by the Mogs. Meanwhile, half a world away, Seven is struggling to pull her Capan out of the fugue she's been in for years. They sheltered in a convent shortly after arriving on Earth, and never moved on, and her Capan has turned to earthly religion and lost faith in Lorien. If she doesn't manage to get her back, they're both in grave danger. Good, quick read.

43. Sapphique, by Catherine Fisher (470 pages)
Claudia thought helping Finn escape would solve everything, and Finn thought escaping would be the end of his troubles. Not so, as the Queen hopes to rid herself of both of them with the Warden gone. But Incarceron has plans, as well, and Attia and Keiro are mixed up in them, finding Sapphique's glove. And Incerceron's plans and capabilities may just trump the Queen's. Will any of them survive this? I liked it, but I also wanted to know more about the world itself and how the Protocol worked, so I felt a bit unfulfilled.

44. Spice & Wolf: Volume 1, by Isuna Hasekura (234 pages)
I was told I should read the light novels in addition to the manga, and I'm so glad I did. There's so much detail in the writing style, and I really found the story to be even more compelling the second time as a novel. Good book.

September pages: 1,110

Pages to date: 14,345

Progress: 44/52

September 2015 comics/manga reading:

158. Natsume's Book of Friends: Volume 18, by Yuki Midorikawa (192 pages)
159. Arata The Legend: Volume 22, by Yuu Watase (200 pages)
160. The Thanos Imperative, by Dan Abnett (248 pages)
161. Blue Exorcist: Volume 13, by Kazue Kato (202 pages)
162. Kimi ni Todoke: Volume 21, by Karuho Shiina (176 pages)
163. Dengeki Daisy: Volume 16, by Kyousuke Motomi (192 pages)
164. Rosario+Vampire, Season II: Volume 14, by Akihisa Ikeda (266 pages)
165. Captain Marvel, Volume 2: Stay Fly, by Kelly Sue DeConnick (120 pages)
166. xxxHolic Rei: Volume 3, by Clamp (208 pages)
167. Case Closed: Volume 45, by Gosho Aoyama (192 pages)
168. Case Closed: Volume 46, by Gosho Aoyama (200 pages)
169. Case Closed: Volume 47, by Gosho Aoyama (192 pages)
170. Puella Magi Madoka Magica, The Different Story: Volume 3, by Magica Quartet (162 pages)
171. The Wallflower: Volume 33, by Tomoko Hayakawa (192 pages)
172. Bleach: Volume 64, by Tite Kubo (192 pages)
173. Crossed: Volume 5, by David Lapham (240 pages)
174. Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin, by Jim Butcher, Mark Powers, and Joseph Cooper (152 pages)

September pages: 3,326

Pages to date: 31,631

Progress: 174/365
Tags: graphic novel, japanese novel, manga, post-apocalypse, sci-fi, young adult

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