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Last Flashlight March; Detective Blue Chicken; Tiny Mumbai

Last Stop on Market Street, by Matt De La Peña
A dancing, sparkling children's book, grounded and fun.

Flashlight, by Lizi Boyd
Absolutely loved this wordless book that made me feel like a little kid again myself.

March: Book One and Book Two, by John Lewis et al
Incredibly powerful and well-presented memoirs of the Civil Rights movement. Absolutely worth tracking down.
(173, 230)

Detective Gordon: The First Case, by Ulf Nilsson
A short and quirky little kids' chapter book that has the same delightful Scandinavian combination of the serious and the absurd that makes me like a lot of grown up books from that part of the world. Lovely.

The Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure and The Case of the Weird Blue Chicken, by Doreen Cronin
Utterly goofy, but really fun. When I was 7 I would've thought this was the BESTseries of this particular type of book.
(175, 187)

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Cooper, by David Levithan
Hm. Not as good as the book it's a companion to, but that book (Will Grayson, will grayson) was SOOOOOOOOOOOO good that it's not really a dis to say so. Fleshed out Tiny's character nicely but it was a bit too on the nose.

Mumbai New York Scranton, by Tamara Shopsin
This is an odd story that starts as a travel journal and turns into an illness memoir. I really liked it but it's hard to explain exactly why. It felt friendly and reserved at the same time.

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